Often, Tele players just plug it straight into the amp. The following instrument was used / played by Pete Townshend from the iconic british band THE WHO, please see full details. 1986 (Deep End), onstage with 1952 Fender Telecaster. [CDATA[ Somebody said to me the other night, “Smash it.” I never would. Pete Townshend was an album rock performer and a lead member of The Who. Special thanks to Frank Lucido, owner of California Guitar in Santa Barbara. Pete Townshend used (and abused) many Fender Telecaster guitars between late 1965 and 1967. … I flitted around a lot and then Hendrix came along and I started to use Strats again. Pete Townshend used (and abused) many Fender Telecaster guitars between late 1965 and 1967. Single-cutaway slab ash body with Butterscotch Blond finish. With the Who’s ever-mounting debts, their guitar destruction stage act became increasingly expensive. See more ideas about telecaster, fender telecaster, fender. So, like clockwork, at the end of the show for My Generation, Pete would switch to a Telecaster for the auto-destruction finale. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. document.write('Photo: Redferns'); Whotabs has been updated, 9 Oct. 2020. See the latest items on the homepage. It’s a masterpiece. The Pete Townsend Stratocaster features three of the Lace Sensor Gold single coil pickups, which were all the rage back in the late ’80s with Fender. specifications as follows Schecter / Giffin Telecaster 1980 (Circa) Mahogany / … IMAGE 1 of 4. Whotabs is not affiliated with The Who, its record company or management. 1966, repairing a Fender Telecaster fitted with a Stratocaster neck. . George Harrison was presented with this Rosewood Telecaster by Fender in December, 1968. This information, along with all other content included in Whotabs, is intended for private study, scholarship or research. Whotabs has been updated, 9 Oct. 2020. That one got damaged, so then he gave me the black Les Paul that was the guitar he used on The Queen Is Dead. For more, see Terms of Use. These pickups are designed to nail the Pete Townshend tone of the late 70s and most of the 80s. Makes a great gift for any collector or sports fan! Feb 23, 2017 - Fender Telecasters and the people that play them. Ca. The greatest hit in rock music for Pete Townshend solo was 1985 number one rock song Face The Face. “This pissed me off. Ca. The other was likely acquired by Alan Rogan, Pete’s guitar tech, from Norman’s Rare Guitars (normansrareguitars.com) in Los Angeles, Calif., in the late 1970s or early 1980. Now, we have modern-day Schecter guitars and of course, the Schecter PT remains. // ]]> -->. [CDATA[ Pete Townshend is definitely underrated as a guitarplayer (we don't have to argue what a terrific songwriter and lyricist he is), he is one of the best rhythmplayers I've ever heard. See the latest items on the homepage. Pete Townshend owns or owned at least two 1952 vintage Fender Telecasters, which he used on Empty Glass and Face Dances. document.write('Photo: Tony Gale/Pictorial Press'); 7 June 1966, Odense, Fyens Forum, with Fender Telecaster fitted with a Danelectro coke-bottle neck, being introduced to Marshall stack. One-piece, rounded “U” shape maple neck with truss rod. The Who’s Pete Townshend has partnered with Fender to deliver a unique axe, the Limited Edition Pete Townshend Stratocaster.The Strat is distinguished by its hybrid acoustic/electric tones, which is enabled by the inclusion of a two-post Fishman Powerbridge tremolo bridge.The VIB-101 Powerbridge is essentially an acoustic piezo pick-up incorporated into a bridge system. Amplifiers are 1966 Marshall model 1959 Super Lead (top) and 1966 Marshall Major 200-watt (“The Pig”), powering two Marshall 8×12 cabinets. 23 Oct. 1966, Malmo, Sweden, with Fender Telecaster with rosewood neck. By 1967, Pete would transition to using Fender Stratocasters — also because of their strength and reliability. Flat pole pickup in bridge position; chrome-covered pickup at neck position. Two chrome knobs (volume and “blend”), three-position toggle switch. Check out this primer in unlocking the Townshend's legendary tone. Pete Townshend owns or owned at least two 1952 vintage Fender Telecasters, which he used on Empty Glass and Face Dances. Run clean, the SuperRock Vintage sparkles in a way that a slavering overwound metal beast just couldn't hope to emulate. Ca. Thank God for Leo, it’s a beautiful guitar. Pete fell in love with the guitar and the rest is history. Most of the instruments were contemporary pre- and post- CBS models — i.e., non-vintage — and served one primary purpose: to be destroyed. The Schecter PT is what it is. I bought a few '63 Strats from John Entwistle. ... Telecaster used by Noel Gallagher on the Jay Leno Show 2000. 1989, with 1952 Fender Telecaster fitted with Fender American Standard six-saddle bridge. Townshend has never been one to shy away from incorporating technology into his sound; the Townshend Stratocaster uses three Lace Sensor Gold™ single-coil pickups for noise-free performance inspired by classic, crisp, bell-like Fender tone. In addition, he returned to the Telecaster style with the Schecter (and Giffin) “Tele”-style guitars in 1979–1982. “My favourite guitar is a rare and expensive ’52 Telecaster.”. 1966, home studio in Wardour Street, with Fender Telecaster with rosewood neck. // ]]> -->, In July 1966, 6th National Jazz and Blues Festival, Windsor, two Marshall 8×12 cabinets (topped by Marshall JTM45 100 Tremolo amps) being impaled by a Fender Telecaster fitted with a non-Fender rosewood neck (possibly a Grimshaw dot neck). All quotes and references are copyright their original owners and are included for reference only. For rockers like John 5, Pete Townshend, Joe Strummer and Keith Richards, it's the punchy sound. // ]]> -->. [CDATA[ The Who Pete Townshend Autographed Signed Fender Tele Guitar + Display AFTAL $7,951.49 Regular: $8,834.99 Free Shipping. A straight forward Tele-style guitar aimed at the guitarist on a budget. 1993, the Psychoderelict tour, with 1952 Fender Telecaster (original or reissue?) Unlike the Ricks, with their neck-through-body construction and a hollow body that Pete likened to “balsa wood” or “cardboard,” the Telecaster, with its bolt-on neck and solid Alder slab body, could take multiple blows before breaking and be easily reconstructed for the next show.