They provide hand-ons research experience as well as a place for students to relax and enjoy the beauty of a nature site on campus. Management studies is a multidisciplinary program offering a contract concentration in management studies that can be earned in conjunction with any B.A. Environmental Studies Physics Office Hours: Spring 2020 T 9-10am, W 4-5p, Th 4-5pm, F 2-3pm, and by appointment Environmental Conversations ("EnCon") is a learning community organized around regular elective and required courses, open to incoming first-year students, and focused on questions of environmental policy, science, and values. Off-Campus Opportunities Providing real world opportunities for students to enhance their development and understanding as global citizens and active community … The Natural Lands have been a major asset … School of Environmental Studies (opens in new window/tab) Additional Programs. Individual contracting encourages students to consider personal goals as they design a program of courses in management studies, … APPLY NOW. St. Olaf History Professor James Farrell Dies - Northfield, MN - James Farrell, a professor of history, American studies, and environmental studies, passed away due to complications from leukemia. Offered annually. St Olaf College offers 2 Environmental Studies Degree programs. I teach in both the Environmental Studies and Physics departments here at St. Olaf College, and love to think about how and why the world works! This course explores key concepts of ecology, focusing explicitly on the ideal of ecological sustainability for the St. Olaf campus. The Environmental Studies Department at St. Olaf College on academic major. In particular, I am interested in understanding how much (and at what rates) Earth’s climate and environment have changed through time, and how these global environmental … Fall: Asian Studies 397, Human Rights in Asian Contexts Interim: Asian Studies/Environmental Studies 277, Environmental Sustainability in Japan Spring: Political Science 350, Immigration & Citizenship. Counts toward American studies major. The Natural Lands are an integral part of the Environmental Studies and Biology Departments’ curriculums. Northfield, MN is a small historical college town of 20,000 people. Featured Student Projects . St. Olaf Natural Lands. 222 Campus Ecology. Adult Basic Education (opens in new window/tab) ... St Olaf. In 2015, 18 students graduated in the study area of Environmental Studies with students earning 18 Bachelor's degrees. The Engineering Studies curriculum provides students with the mathematical and analytical skills that constitute the foundations of engineering, supporting a wide array of fields including mechanical, electrical, civil, and environmental … They also use the St. Olaf campus as a case study of environmental design. Local to Global Perspectives. St. Olaf is located on top of a hill, surrounded by 350 acres of natural lands for recreation and environmental study. 2019 AS/ES 277 Class Blog 2018 AS/ES 277 Class Blog 2016 AS/ES 277 … Making use of St. Olaf’s 15 wetlands and 150 acres of restored prairie, the arrangement began as an idea shared among one professor, two St. Olaf student naturalists, the St. Olaf Environmental Coalition, and one enthusiastic elementary school teacher who realized funding for science and environmental education … It's a medium sized private university in a far away town.

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